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Готварска печка TERMOGLASSCast iron stove with a water jacket. Practical and functional as it is used for both cooking and heating directly. Great vision of the fire in the ceramic glass, oven and large comfortable room to store firewood.

Technical data
Dimensions (WxHxD) 845 x 825 x 620 mm
Heated space 300 m3
Weight 130 kg
Rated output 14 kW
Maximum output 15 kW
Fule loading opening dimensions (WxH) 180 x 165 mm
Firebox dimensions (WxHxD) 200 x 300 x 415 mm
Owen size (HxWxD) 400 x 300 x 450 mm
Fluepipe Ø 120 mm
Rated output-water heating 7,5 kW
Max. operating pressure 2 bara
Quantity of water in the boiler 8,5 l
Water connections 3/4 "
Energy efficiency 71 %
Standard EN 12815
Available colors